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Clashers Cup Season 1

The era of everything swiftly turning online, given the stance of prevailing pandemic and simultaneous advancement of technology, brought in the wholesome mob of passionate gamers and significantly the inevitability of online championships and digital tournament gameplay. Its not been much time since UDG Esports has step its foot in Clash of Clans and we must say that the craze is rising every now and then.

Clasher's cup season 1 was a joint initiative of "Indian Clashers" and UDG Esports; co- sponsored by "Bogly Base Building". It is was an online tournament announced around the end of November last year. It was a precise opportunity for the Clash of Clans' gamers to showcase their talent and passion for the persistent world strategy game on a global level.


Announcement banners


The event aimed at uniting the players worldwide and; benefiting the collective community of gamers globally.

Clash of Clans Clashers Cup Season 1 was announced with a total prize pool of $600 and was an online event with operations based on Clashers Cup discord server; from November to December last year. The response from the community was high with a worldwide participation, which was highest from India and Europe.

Rallying their troops and fortifying their defenses, players from all over the world, 308 teams combined of townhall 9 and townhall 13 provided each other with a stiff and serious competition.

The event had single elimination format with 16 invited teams who were waiting at a certain stage for the best teams to rise up and compete with them. The storytellers of Clashers Cup Season 1 aka streamers, enjoyed this battle of the best and the audience cherished as the story progressed. Soon as the climax neared it was a nail biting moment for the fans as the grand finals of townhall 13 was between "The Indian Powerhouse "Marcos Gaming" and Runner ups of Clash of Clans world championship 2020 "Queen Walkers".


Invited teams


Team Marcos Gaming in townhall 13 and Team G.O.D. in townhall 9 were declared as the ultimate winners of Clashers Cup Championship Season 1 taking home the lion's share of prize pool. TH9 Legacy in townhall 9 and Team Queen Walkers in townhall 13 grabbed the second position of runner-ups.


Winners and runners up of Clashers Cup season 1


The event generated a good amount of watch time with a total number of 38,500 views on YouTube and Twitch collectively and a social engagement of 87,800 overall. Click here for more statistics.

Clasher's Cup Championship Season 2 has also been announced with a huge prize pool of $1000. The global competition for the championship between 432 teams has already started from 9th June 2021.

For more info about Clashers Cup season 2, join our discord server.

Blog by: Shruti Sharma

Instagram: @notjustshruti

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